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We are all about some local dog grooming in Clayton NC for YOUR pampered pooch! You will not find a better experience for your dog - be he or she a big bouncy lab or the tiniest of teacup yorkies! We've been doing this for years and have the experience you want to make this a great day at the pet spa for your fur baby!

Riverwood Pet Spa / Dog Grooming

Pet Spa Services Include: Papaya Bath, Kiwi Condition, Blueberry Facial, Designer and Standard Cuts, Ears Cleaned and Plucked, Anal Gland Expression, Flea Treatment, Nose and Paw Pad Treatment, Teeth Cleaning, Cologne Spray and Stylish Bow or Bandana.

The comforts of home

All grooms include the use of our relaxation rooms which provides: individual housing and water bowls, tranquil fountains, easy listening music along with a TV for their viewing pleasure.

Special Treatment for YOUR Royalty

To all guests who take advantage of the "Royal Treatment," your dog will also be given a relaxation walk prior to their grooming.

Let Bloomingtails Pet Spa treat them like they are at home... because they're worth it!!

Beautiful yorkshire terrier with grooming items isolated on white

Grooming Teacup Yorkies

We checked with our local dog grooming experts over at Bloomingtails Pet Spa and they were happy to oblige with a little info! A teacup Yorkie has a velvety single coat to watch over and untangle, yet his little body size makes every day brushing and week by week showers particularly vital. On the off chance that left unchecked, tangled hair on a teacup Yorkie’s jacket could entrap his little appendages and breaking point his development. Brush your teacup Yorkie once per day utilizing a slicker brush and dependably utilize conditioner in the shower.

Morkie Puppy Getting Dry After His Bath

About Teacup Yorkie Dogs

Teacup Yorkies dogs  are simply jsut small specimens of Yorkshire terriers. While the Yorkshire terrier weighing somewhere around 4 and 7 pounds, teacup Yorkies clearly weigh lesser. A teacup Yorkie will measure somewhere around 2 and 4 pounds. At this size, puppies truly may fit into a “teacup,” however will exceed it as they age. The greatest downside of owning a teacup Yorkie is the potential for health issues. Conception imperfections, anesthesia inconveniences, teething issues and hypoglycemia are only a couple of the numerous issues your teacup Yorkie may experience. You truly need to watch your step in the event that you choose to open your heart and home to a teacup Yorkie. Because of their little size, teacup puppies are not able to store fat in the same way as a bigger canine and they additionally are inclined to low levels of glucose in their blood. This means that you will have to be stricter with your dogs nourishment. Since teacup Yorkies are small teacup puppies ought to cost significantly less. You likewise may want to stay away from any raisers who deliberately breed teacups, and offer them without a health guarantee and spay and neuter contract.